Remote Back Ups

Your data is your lifeline. Protect it securely offsite with remote data backups.

Remote data backup is the most effective and sufficient means of securing critical data on a daily basis. It is cost effective and easy to use enabling client's to secure important data for business. The data backups can be initiated on a variety of schedules to meet each individual client's needs. Each backup is defined by the client so that they can establish the time and the frequency for the backups to take place, specifically, for their environment and computer systems.

Cross Platform    

Remote back ups work equally well on PCs, Macs, Linux and Solaris. This means you can use it on any computer you have letting you back up PC to Mac, Mac to PC, Mac to Linux or any combination.

Multiple Backup Destinations

Backing up to multiple destinations ensures your files are protected in any situation. With our service you can back up to:

  • Any internal or external hard drive
  • A friend's computer or another computer you own
  • Our online backup service with unlimited storage

A Smarter, Faster Backup and Restore

Remote backup is smart. It reduces file size by using advanced compression technology. It identifies duplicate files and parts of files and stores them only once. When files change, only the new information is backed up.

Once your files are backed up, the system continuously checks that your files are 100% healthy and ready to restore when you need them. If it finds any problems, it fixes them.

Always Secure

Remote backup uses industrial grade private key encryption to secure your files before they're backed up. The only person who can decrypt your files is you.


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