Managed IT Services

As a key decision-maker, your expertise is more valuable to your company than the time you spend supporting and managing your IT systems. If you can outsource the support and management of your infrastructure to a reliable company, your organization stands to benefit greatly from your increased productivity.

Managed Network Solutions

Network Design & Implementation

Leave the hassle-free design and implementation of your business-critical network to the experts.

Managed Servers & Desktops

Server implementations & upgrades - including applications and solutions for storage, back-up, file & print, database, security, web, and client/server needs.

Email Protection

  • Spam filter service that captures 99% of unwanted email
  • Convenient email summary and web based quarantine review
  • Email Disaster Recovery/Failover
  • Blocks email viruses from reaching your network
  • Preemptive technology prevents spammers from harvesting your email accounts

Managed Firewall

  • Web Content Filtering

    • Powerful content filtering to control access to unwanted web content
    • Increase employee productivity
    • Flexibility to filter questionable or inappropriate content by category

  • Hardware & Software - Fully Covered

    • Next business day hardware replacement
    • Real-time updates for security, spyware, and virus content to block new internet threats
    • Software version upgrades and firmware upgrades included

  • Comprehensive Security Gateway

    • Real-time limited gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention
    • Deep packet inspection firewall

  • Centralized Management, Monitoring, & Reporting

    • Includes configuration changes, firewall policy management, and backup of all devices
    • Real-time monitoring of network usage
    • Detailed historical reporting of network availability, blocked threats, and internet use

Internet Optimization & Monitoring

  • Bandwidth Optimization

    • If you've got an application or a user that needs priority on your network, then you need bandwidth optimization. Services like FTP, VOIP, or VPN can be moved to the top of the list, while Internet radio and instant messaging can be moved to the bottom. Finally, you can get your priorities straight on the internet.

  • Website Filtering & IM Management

    • Every month, you lose thousands of dollars of productivity to the Internet. Don't believe it? Let us put Internet Monitoring in your office for one month and show you just how much you're paying your employees to shop online, play fantasy football, and chat with their friends on Instant Messenger.

  • Internet Usage Reporting

    • Do you know which employees use the Internet the most every month? Do you really need all the bandwidth you're paying for? Are you even getting the bandwidth you're paying for? Our daily reports will answer all of these questions and more.

  • Policy Management

    • Network policies vary by department, group, job function, and even individual. ProActive Network Solutions delivers all-in-one Internet policy management tools - allowing management to set application bandwidth, content, time-of-day, threat, and access policies. Our policy management feature set lets you control Who, What, When, and How your organization uses the Internet.


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